Medicare Supplements

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Medigap Insurance Plans

If you need help with your out-of-pocket Medicare supplements expenses, Medigap insurance is a great option. Senior Insurance Consultants, LLC provides seniors in Maricopa County, AZ and surrounding counties, with expert guidance to help you find the plan that will work best for you. For more information or for a free consultation call 480-383-9349.

Medicare Supplement Insurance is also called Medigap. Medigap helps pay for your medical care that is not covered by Regular Medicare Coverage, this includes coinsurance, deductibles, or co payments. Medigap is sold by private insurance companies, all the coverage is the same except for anyone who lives in Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Wisconsin. Medigap can even offer coverage if you travel outside the United States. 

What Do Medicare Supplement Plans Do For Me?


Coverage all throughout the US


Coverage guaranteed for life as long as all monthly premiums are met


Eligible to see any doctor that accepts Medicare patients


Referrals are not necessary to see specialists


Helps reduce costs and covers part of your out-of-pocket charges that may not be covered by your Medicare Insurance plan

What Medicare Supplements Plans Can I Choose From?

In order to get Medigap you must first be enrolled in Medicare Part A & B. Now, you are probably wondering how this works, first your regular Medicare will cover any costs that they have approved, then the Medigap will kick in and pay their part. There are a few different options like basic Medigap can cover Medicare Part A coinsurance, or it also can cover coinsurance or copayments costs for hospice care. There are other coverage options available. Medigap only covers one person per policy, so if you need a spouse or someone else covered, they will need their own separate policy. Also, an important note if you enroll in Medigap when you are first eligible then you cannot be denied for any pre-existing medical conditions, but if you wait till a later time you can be denied. Medigap also does not cover any prescription drug care, vision, dental, hearing aids, long-term care, private nursing, or eyeglasses.
What is the difference between Medigap and Advantage? Medigap covers you when it comes to coinsurance or copayment options, where Advantage helps cover your Medicare Benefits. Also, you cannot legally have both a Medigap plan and an Advantage Plan at the same time.

How do you qualify for Medigap? On the first day of the month that you turn 65 years of age you can get enrolled. In order to qualify you will need to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A & B. Although some states do let you enroll before you turn 65 so be sure to check with us before you turn 65. 

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